Wonky Top

One of our roosters is Wonky Top – named because of his ridiculously huge floppy comb.  He’s about 5 months old, so he has some growing to do – we are wondering if his comb will continue to get more hilarious as he matures.  I will need to coat his comb and wattles in Vaseline all winter to protect them from frostbite.  (I will need to do that with all three of my roosters, and maybe a couple of hens – larger combs don’t do well with our winters).

Here's our Wonky.
Here’s our Wonky.

He’s a little skittish with us.  If we need to pick him up for anything he is extremely hard to catch.  But he seems to be a decent rooster.  We still have all our boys separate from the hens for now, but we will be combining them before wintertime.  He is mostly nice to the hens, besides trying to mount them all the time – I have seen him protect the hens from the other two roosters before, and I’ve seen him do a bit of a dance up to different hens – maybe he’s attempting to woo them a little.

Another picture of Wonky.
Another picture of Wonky.

We’re pretty sure he’s a Golden Cuckoo Maran rooster.  Maran hens (at least a few different varieties) can lay dark brown, chocolate shelled eggs.  I am hoping that in breeding him with my non-Maran hens, he may pass some of those genes down to a future hen.  Otherwise I will eventually want to buy some Maran hens.  I would love to get some multicolored eggs (chocolate, blue, olive) – The hens we currently have lay varying degrees of browns, whites, and cream colored eggs.

2 thoughts on “Wonky Top

  1. Wanda September 27, 2015 / 7:20 pm

    Mr. Wonky is a very handsome! Once he’s through growing he’ll be quite the “Ladies Man”! ;D


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