Late June Tour of the Farm

We’ve been busy, but most of the garden work is done – just weeding here and there and adding mulch. Here are some pictures from today:

itty bitty egg
We found this tiny egg the other day (here next to the normal sized egg). It didn’t have a yolk at all.
columbine 2
Here is a columbine flower – I found this plant growing in the ditch near my house! I dug it up and brought it home. It seems to be happy next to some bleeding hearts and hostas.
Our chickens enjoying the day.
The peonies are blooming. We have them fenced to keep chickens out and that is working as a nice trellis for them.
tomato patch
Here is the tomato/squash area. These are doing well.
herb garden
My back herb garden.
Here is the strawberry bed. These are giving us a few berries this year. Last year the chickens almost killed them off so I moved the plants and fenced them in.
rogue sunflower
Here is a rogue sunflower.
Another rogue sunflower – this one is in the middle of my main garden, and about 2 feet tall.
My peas – almost 2 feet tall now.
More sunflowers – these were planted though. Between the potatoes and onions.
potato flowers
My potatoes are getting flowers now.
Here are the ducks enjoying the sunshine.
A cucumber plant.
chard and kale
A sea of kale and chard. There are a few spinach next to them but they are bolting already so we’ve been eating the spinach.
A carrot sprout.
Lettuce! (and my toes.) We are growing 3 kinds of lettuce. There is a darker kind here on the right – they are a little hard to see here.
Baby bunnies with their mama. They are getting ready to go to their new home soon – they are going to be pets for my aunt’s dad. (There are still 3).

The garden is growing well. I am impatiently waiting for my veggies to be big enough to harvest.

A Sad Bunny tale…

Our two female rabbits were due to have babies on Memorial day weekend (about May 27th).  We moved the rabbits to their outside cages around May 21st, for the summer.  Marigold, my usually skittish bunny, immediately started pulling fur once she was out there (we gave them both nest boxes when they were moved.).  Petunia didn’t pull any fur at all even when they were due.

Marigold became less skittish while outside, which is really strange – I figure maybe because they don’t see the dogs anymore – their cages inside were in our shed so the dogs would move through there sometimes.  Marigold had a litter of 11 babies on about the 27th of May – quite a lot, and it was her first litter. A couple days passed, and Petunia didn’t have any babies, so I thought maybe the pregnancy didn’t take – that had happened the month before when I attempted to breed them. I wasn’t sure what to do, but just figured I would wait.

On May 30th, Petunia had 6 or 7 babies – we found them and they were either killed by her or stillborn.  We thought maybe she had been spooked by something outside, or something. Later that day, we went out to feed the rabbits and she had died. I’m not sure what was wrong with her, but I read that sometimes they can get a baby stuck and then go septic really fast.  That is possibly what happened.

Marigold has been a decent mother, but we still lost many of her babies. We had a bit of a cold snap over the first few days of June, like in the 40s at night, and here and there we’d find a dead baby bunny – it looks like one would get separated from the group of them and get cold.  I have been making sure they are covered up with fur and all together in a group, but we still lost a lot of them.  We are now down to three babies.  She has been really good at feeding them though, since those three are all growing really well.  So at least we still have the dad, Buddy, and Marigold and her three babies.

Here are the three babies and their mama, Marigold:

It is a sad tale, but the remaining rabbits are all doing well so it has a somewhat happy ending.


Garden 2018 is planted.

Phew! We finally got the last three double-dug French-Intensive beds finished and planted tonight. We had a bit of a hiccup a few weeks back, when we hit the part of the garden that used to be a driveway.  The soil in that bed was extremely rocky and we had to sift the soil to get all the rocks out. Once that was done things moved a bit faster. I also got the other gardens planted in the meantime. Here are some photos:

Here is a shot of the garden with all the separate beds.
Here is another pic, the northern side of the main garden.
garden 2
A closer view. You can see the older “raised beds” are not so raised anymore, since we’ve had a bit of rain. Our clay soil doesn’t stay as fluffy as it could. It should still be better than if we were walking on it though – we won’t be since that is the whole point of this system.
The greens bed. Kale, chard, and spinach. They are all growing well.
Here are the peas. They are starting to try to find something to climb, so we put these strings and supports in for them yesterday.
tomatos squash
Here is the tomato bed (not part of the main garden) – I took this area back from the chickens. There are tomatoes and squash in here, and so far they are doing well.
herb garden
Here is the herb garden. It’s doing well also, but it’s hard to tell yet in this picture.
Here is my comfrey. I fenced in the area next to the house that this is in, and now the chickens can’t get in there to eat it all.
moth 1
I found a visitor in the garden today, this Sphinx Moth. Possibly a Big Poplar Sphinx Moth or a Modest Sphinx Moth, according to a couple of websites I researched on.
moth 2
Here you can see the purple under its wings. It’s hard to tell scale on my arm here, but it had about a 3-4 inch wingspan while sitting here. They are really large.
moth 3
He was going a little crazy so I put him down on this chair, and after a few minutes he flew off. What a cool visitor.