A tiny nest

My husband was out feeding the rabbits and saw this tiny nest up in a tree.  I got some pictures of it. We’re not sure what kind of nest it is.  It’s empty at the moment, of course.  I said we should see if anyone comes to re-use it this year.

nest 1
It’s kind of hard to see here – the nest is about 12 feet up into the tree, maybe about 3 inches wide, and it seems to be tied on to the branch by a few strings/bits of grass.


Here’s a closer view, this seems to be the back.  When I went to the other side, it looks like there’s a tiny hole at the top 1/4 of the nest for the birds to get in and out.

I’ve never seen a nest hanging like this. I’m excited to see if anyone claims it in the spring.

Birds at the feeder! (And we got snow – meh.)

It’s been nice and spring-like, and most of our snow melted.  But then it started snowing last night – we’ve gotten a couple inches so far, and they are predicting 3-9″ by tomorrow night.  Hopefully our warmer temps will mean it won’t stick around long.   I suppose, it is only late March, and this is the U.P.   The birds at our front porch feeder have not been stopped by the snow, they are very active today.  I got some cool shots out our front window.  I wish the colors of some of these would show up in my pics – I think it’s mostly chickadees and finches (I think), but there are a couple of red birds that I found out are common redpolls.  This is their southern winter range, in the summer they go up near the arctic.

Here are some of the cool pictures I got today:

Birds at the feeder
Birds at the feeder
Birds at the feeder - 2
Birds at the feeder – 2
Birds at the feeder - 3
Birds at the feeder – 3
Birds at the feeder - 4
Birds at the feeder – 4
Birds at the feeder - 5
Birds at the feeder – 5

We get daily visits by squirrels and chipmunks too, but they were not here while I was taking pictures.  They like to scavenge on the ground for the sunflower seeds that the birds drop. We actually had some deer visit the porch one day in the winter, they were eating sunflower seeds as well.