The runaway bunny

We had an escapee today.  Yesterday I moved the babies into their new home, which is on one side of the extra hutch. This morning I was heading out to feed the rabbits and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a little fuzzy blur running away.  There was a loose spot where the door meets the floor of their cage, and I think he squeezed through there.  We spent most of the day trying to catch him.  We set up a cage on the ground with a water bottle and food, hoping he’d go in on his own when he got thirsty.

runaway bunny 2
The runaway bunny

We don’t have any snow right now, so he was happy munching on grass. The food in the cage was not as enticing as the grass.

the hiding spot
His favorite spot to hide was under the truck. I think he actually climbed up on the axles at one point. I was afraid he’d climb into the engine, but I don’t know if he’s agile enough to do that.
going to hide
Here he is running back under the truck on one of our many attempts throughout the day to catch him.

Our cat Wizard snuck out this morning and seemed like he was attempting to help me catch the bunny.  But he’d get up to the bunny and swat at it, so I think he just wanted to play with it.  Luckily he didn’t seem too intent on attacking it, which was what I thought he’d do.  He wasn’t very helpful though, so we made him go back inside, and were hoping the rabbit would go into the cage if the cat wasn’t there.  That didn’t work very well though. In the end we had to chase him into the cage. He did not want to be caught, but we got him. He’s now back with his brothers and sisters.

babies new home
Here are the babies in their new home.

I’ve fixed the loose spot in the hutch, so hopefully we won’t have a repeat of today. Oh, and I found out when moving them that we have 7 babies.

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