Disgruntled Rabbits

I went out to feed the rabbits the other afternoon, and the door of my white bunny’s hutch fell off when I opened it.  I had to quickly figure out where to put her while I figured out her door.  We have a cage outside that we usually put them in while we clean their hutches, but it is currently covered in snow.  I was in a rush, so I thought, “oh, I’ll put her in with the black female, since they lived together before.”  That was a huge mistake.

They immediately started fighting – the black rabbit (her name is Fire) was not happy about the other one (Wind) being put in HER cage.  She attacked and I heard crazy squealing, and I quickly grabbed Wind out of there.  Phew.  There was rabbit fur everywhere.  Fire even bit me as I was pulling Wind out of her cage. Luckily nobody was hurt, but they did not seem very happy.

Here are the fighting rabbits:

fire the black rabbit
Fire, the angry bunny
wind the white bunny
Wind, the happy-to-be-out-of-Fire’s-cage bunny

I brought Wind into the house, and put her in a cat carrier while I went to look for the cordless drill to fix her door.  The piece of the door that the hinges were attached to had split at that spot from the weight of the door.  Poor rabbit – the dogs were trying to see what I was carrying around the house with me.  I was able to keep them away most of the time, but I’m sure she was not happy.  I found the drill, and then brought her outside with me to figure out her door.

I then realized that we have an empty hutch that I could have put her in in the first place.  The hutch that the babies are in is 2-sided. We enclosed the side that they are in, to block the cold winds and snow, but the other side is still there, just not enclosed.  I wouldn’t want to house her in there for very long, but it works in a pinch.  So if this ever happens again, I have that option.

At that point my husband heard me dealing with the mess, and came out to help me with the door.  We got it back on with a new larger hinge, and Wind is safely back in her hutch now.

I told my coworker about the rabbit fight.  She sent me the below video – I’ll have to get my chickens involved in crowd control in the future:


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