We were at Tractor Supply today picking up animal food, and saw that they had chicks and ducklings in.  We are hatching our own chicks this year, but we saw the ducks and decided to get some.  My husband has talked about wanting ducks for a couple years, and I thought it would be fun to add some ducks to our farm. We got 12 Pekin ducks.  Pekins are supposed to be really good for both eggs and meat, but I’ve heard they are very tame and can follow you around the yard like a little cloud of dogs. I like the idea of that. Ducklings peep a lot just like chicks, and brooding them is very similar to brooding chicks. They also eat chick starter, and can be fed and housed with chickens. We’ll probably give them their own space, but time will tell. Below are some pictures of our new little fuzzy flock:

ducks 2

ducks 3

Little cuties.
sleeping but upset i disturbed them
They soaked their first brooder box (a cardboard box) with their water drinking, so they got a new plastic bin brooder box tonight. They seem happier, although they weren’t so happy when I came to take a picture. You can see a couple with open beaks complaining here.


2 thoughts on “Ducks!

  1. Erica Mary Eleanor March 20, 2016 / 9:50 am

    They are adorable!

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