Test hatch day 2

After my post last night we had two more chicks hatch, and then another one this morning.  There are four eggs left with no signs of hatching yet.  Today is day 21 though (their actual due date) so I will give them some more time.  Probably another 24-48 hours – if I don’t see any signs of pipping by another 24 hours I may give up.  If they start to hatch before then I will let them hatch all the way. Here are some more pictures:

second hatchling
Here is the first chick from last night, standing up at the top of the pic; and the 2nd chick, half hanging out of its shell.


Here is our little blondie chick. It had just hatched here.


chicks 3
Here they are in the brooder box.
chicks 2
Brooder box of chicks.
tiny chicks in the brooder
They are all very cute.

The chicks are so cute –  I really like the little blondie one – I’m trying to figure out who everyone’s parents are. I know the smallest black one, that hatched this morning, is the baby of Escape Artist (my hen who lays white eggs).  The other two black ones must have Australorp mothers, since they have black coloring.  The blonde one I have no idea – it most likely is not my white hens (or not much genetic material from them) because it would be more yellow – yellow fuzz translates to white feathers as an adult, usually. I don’t have any other very light adults, besides my splash maran and my brahmas, but this chick does not have feathered legs. I will just have to wait and see how they look as adults.

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