The ducks are home!

We finished the ducks’ pen and house.  They love it! They are not so excited to go inside their house at night, but we’ve found some ways to corral them into it. Here are some pictures of them in their new digs:

duck house
Here is the house – there is a door that goes on, it’s not pictured here. But we close it at night to keep the ducks from being eaten by raccoons and other creatures. The extra fence posts in the foreground are the beginnings of our new dog pen.
duck house 2
My son inside the duck house.
duck pen
Here is the duck house, and on the right you can see the pool. The ducks LOVE their pool.
ducks in pool 2
Here they are, swimming and playing. We need to get a hard pool, with some kind of ramp.
ducks in pool 3
The ducks push the sides in so they can get in and out, which spills the water. We’ve put in steps and a ramp on the outside, but they don’t understand those very well.
ducks in pool
Here is a view of the duck’s pool, facing the chicken coop.
nosy neighbors
Here are the nosy neighbors. They were not sure what to make of the ducks when they first moved into the neighborhood, but they are getting along ok now.

Our ducks are HUGE. Larger than I expected them to get.  My uncle saw them and called them our cow-ducks, since they are so large. They are a lot of fun to watch,  now that they are in their permanent spot in the yard.

2 thoughts on “The ducks are home!

  1. Erica Mary Eleanor May 7, 2016 / 9:36 am

    Just wondering what you all do with ducks? Eat them? Eat their eggs? Just curious. I’d love to get a couple some time but I’m not sure they would be a wise choice on our small plot of land! 🙂 but I don’t want to eat them. I’ve never eaten duck eggs but would definitely try it!

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    • jenpowell1976 May 8, 2016 / 7:23 pm

      We got them without having any kind of plan for them – we just thought they were cute. These are pekins, so they are supposed to be good layers and good meat ducks. They are getting really large and starting to eat more food than we thought – we are thinking we may take some out soon for eating (they are supposed to be good for eating). The eggs should be good though, I have heard. They don’t start laying for several more months though. We will definitely be keeping at least half of them, including at least one male. We have 12. If you are thinking of ducks, they are extremely messy (we have found out). We only have 1.5 acres. They have a 20×20 pen, and seem happy in there. But they are messy, and use a whole lot of water. Other kinds of ducks may not be like that, but Pekins are. There are a lot of types you could get if you wanted some. 🙂


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