Bunnies growing up

Our baby bunnies are about a month old. I’ve noticed they have been drinking less and less from their moms, and eating more of their mothers’ food.  The moms, Wind and Fire, have been seeming like they’re starting to get a little tired of being crammed in with their children, so I moved the babies today. We have two extra hutch compartments, but one needs to have the door fixed, so I put them all in one side for now. We will fix that door soon and split them up when needed as they grow.

I was worried the two batches may not get along, but they are so young that they are pretty friendly with each other.  Here is everyone in their new / non-cramped housing:

bunnies 1
Here you can see the bunnies – Our white Californian, Wind, had white, gray, and white/gray bunnies.
bunnies 2
The brown ones are our Rex, Fire’s babies. Everyone has the same Dad – Earth, our American Chinchilla Rabbit.
bunnies 3
Some of the white bunnies have pink eyes like their mama.
Here is Wind, relaxing in her much larger space.
Here is Fire, looking for some treats (grass/dandelions), which she will get to enjoy all of, since she won’t have to share anymore.
earth buddy
Here is Earth (or Buddy – my son is attempting to change his name to this, but I still like Earth).

This is the first batch of our planned three for this year.  I’ll be breeding them again in the next couple days.  That way the females have a little break between each litter.  We won’t breed them in the wintertime.

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