A Mid-June garden tour.

I got a little bit of a late start this year with the gardens, but we are now planted and ready to grow.  Here’s a photo tour of my gardens, and surrounding yard.

before planting 2
Here is the garden after I weeded it.  My son thought it would be a good place to stash one of his nerf guns (the green/orange thing toward the back of the garden).
Here are my artichokes from last year! They made it through our winter somehow. I’ve moved them into a better spot to leave them permanently.
garden before planting
Here is another view of the garden before planting.
seed mat
I created some seed mats for smaller seeds like carrots. I had a problem last year where my seeds all migrated or disappeared for carrots and beets and some other things. This should help with that.
Here is the garden all planted. It doesn’t look like much here, but it will grow and be really nice eventually. I have a cardboard/mulch path in the middle. As things get bigger I’ll mulch around the plants as well. The cardboard on the sides is to keep the taller fence-line weeds from creeping in. We’ll see how well that works.
leftovers from last year
Here are my other survivors from last year’s garden. Some lemon balm and pansies.
zucchini plot
Here is my other garden plot, behind the house. I’ve put zucchini and yellow squash here. There are sunflower seeds planted against the house as well.
Here is my strawberry patch. I’m getting lots of berries but they aren’t starting to ripen yet, just growing.
porch plants
Here are my trees and some seedlings on the porch, waiting to be planted.
This is my comfrey plant – I put three in last year and they’ve come back really nice.
woods (2)
Our woods behind the house.
tall trees
I just really like how tall our trees are – with the leaves all developed they are more imposing, and it makes the yard feel nice and private. I tried to get the full height of one of our sugar maple trees in this picture.
lambs quarters
I have a nice lamb’s quarters patch growing. Yum! I didn’t plant these, these just grow. They are delicious.
Here are some forget-me-nots. These are all over our yard. They are very nice but they end up with little picker-seeds later, so they stick to things easily.
Some buttercups and other weeds in our yard.

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