Tiny bunnies

We have a lot of tiny bunnies – 13 at the moment (11 with Wind, our white rabbit, and two with Fire, our black rabbit). They are growing pretty quickly, and they are so cute.

bunnies 1
Our tiny bunnies

There’s a space behind the doors of Buddy/Earth (the dad) and Wind’s cage, and her babies keep going over to visit.  At first I was worried that he’d hurt the babies, and then I realized that he was being nice to them.  He would lick/clean them, and they kept going over to visit.  But then he started getting too excited – actually looked like he was humping the air near them – so we are not letting them over there anymore.  If we find them over there we move them back with mom.  They will be moving into their own cage soon, once they are all weaned from her milk.

bunnies 3
Tiny bunnies with mama
bunnies 2
Here’s a gray one – he’s a bit bigger than everyone else.


One thought on “Tiny bunnies

  1. tarnegolita August 3, 2016 / 1:38 pm

    So cute!! They look like ours! 🙂

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