Beginnings of Spring

We’ve had a decent amount of warmer, above-freezing temps for the last couple weeks, and it made a lot of our snow melt.  Today, I found these crocuses just starting:

crocuses arriving
Crocus Leaves

Hopefully they’ll flower within the next week or so.

crocus leaves
More crocuses coming up

Our yard still has a lot of snow, especially where we have snowbanks.  Today it was in the 20s, but the sun was shining.   We at least can now see big chunks of our yard:

Part of our yard
A view of our front porch and side yard
Our front yard
Our front yard near the road

My chicken flock has been happy with the weather turn also.  When it was really cold there were days they were stuck inside, but if it was a nice day we’d open just their small chicken door.  With the spring weather, we’ve been opening up the big door to their run.

The chicken flock

There is still a bit of snow out in their yard.  We had been putting their old bedding out there in bags through the winter, with the plan being to heave the bags over the fence for the compost pile in the spring.  (Yes, we have some chicken yard access issues – you can only enter through the chicken coop – that will be fixed this summer).  Last week the chickens got into a couple of the bags and spread the old bedding around their yard. I was not looking forward to cleaning all that straw and hay up, but then I figured we should leave it where they put it –   It sounds a bit gross, but considering that the yard is dirt (they ate all the vegetation last year), it keeps it from turning into a big mud pile.

chickens 2
The chickens in their yard enjoying the sunshine.

In the two pics above, you can see the other bags (that we were able to heave over the fence before they got into them) behind them.  My compost pile is conveniently located right behind their yard.

I’m glad that it’s finally starting to be spring.

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