Yay! The garden is in!

I planted my new garden yesterday.  Most of the plants are looking a little sad today, since we got rain last night. I think they’re fine and will perk up once we get some more sun.  I’ve got lots of vegetables, with some flowers interspersed along the middle pathway.  I ran out of room for my herbs because I wanted to grow various kinds of squash – zucchini, yellow squash, acorn, and butternut. I ended up with two small rows of mixed herbs – basil, rosemary, cayenne, lemon balm. (I meant to make a separate herb bed, but this new garden took up most of my energy this year).

The garden
The garden

Instead of tomato cages I decided to use some leftover fencing attached to poles, and will attach the tomato plants to them as they grow.  I made some supports for my beans and peas using saplings and string.  I pounded the saplings in like fence posts, and then wire was used to hold the saplings together and to attach them to the fence.

bean and pea supports
bean and pea supports

The top poles are from the top of the saplings, and attached to the poles with wire. I then tied string and attached it to sticks at the bottom where the peas and beans are planted.

This is the corn patch.  I have yellow and white corn seeds planted.  I have sunflowers on the right, next to the fence, and some flowers along the path.
Peas and Beans
Peas and Beans
squash and herbs
squash and herbs
Peppers and artichokes (on the top of this picture) and squash at the bottom

I realized I had started way too many plants. I had overestimated the amount of space I had.  I also didn’t figure I’d get as good of a germ-rate as I did for some things. Next year I won’t start as many plants, and I won’t start them so early.  The April-started plants were ok, but I think it would have been better to start them in May.  My tomatoes were no longer happy in the pots they were in – hopefully they will be happier now that they are in the garden.

The garden looks pretty sparse now, but as things grow and fill in, it should look really nice.

I also planted some spinach and chard, and kale in my older garden bed behind the house.  I had started carrots, beets, onions, and turnips a couple weeks ago, and some are starting to show up through the soil now.

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