The chicken flock

Our chickens are doing well – with the babies added, and minus the roosters we’ve culled so far this year, we are at 51 currently.  We moved the smallest chicks out in the coop in their own side now (they are just over a month old), and the rest of the flock is smooshed together in the main part of the coop, with the larger run. When I was moving the chicks out there,  I added some roost space in the main side because I wasn’t sure how everyone would fit.  We have way more chickens now than we have previously. This time of year, they pretty much only go inside to lay eggs and to sleep.  Going in there the first morning after the chicks moved in, I could see that it is going to be just fine – there is plenty of roost space, plus some of them roost up in the rafters anyway – not where I want them, but they go up there, so it’s kind of extra space. Once the babies are large enough, I will integrate everyone and then they will all have run of the whole coop, so they’ll be able to spread out a bit more.  We also will be taking out more roosters as the year winds down.  For now they are snug in the house, but not cramped.  Here are some pics of my main flock as it stands now:

chickens_dorko and brown hen resized
One of the red hens (either production or the buckeye, hard to tell here) and my Dorking rooster, General Dorko. (My husband took these pics, since you can see me feeding the chickens).
chickens_dorko resized
Here is The General again. He is the only year-old rooster we still have. So far he is on the keep list, but he’s been showing some aggressive tendencies lately. He hasn’t pecked at me but he follows me around to see what I’m doing, like he’s suspicious of me.  I think he’s just freaked out because we take roosters out and they never come back.
chickens_australorp resized
One of my older Black Australorp hens. She is two years old.
easter egger roo resized
Here is our easter egger (Americauna?) rooster, hatched this year.
specs resized
Here is Specs, our Speckled Sussex hen. She’s a year old.
frizz 1 resized
Here is our frizzled chicken. I think this is a hen, but we are unsure since she seems to be developing a large pea comb. I have not noticed any male-typical behavior though (crowing or mounting others) so for now, she’s a hen.
chickens_older white resized
One of our 2-year old white hens.
chickens_frizzle and bcm roo resized
Here is the frizzle hen and our Black Copper Maran rooster. He’s from this year’s hatch as well. I’m hoping to keep him.
bantam and friends resized
Here is the bantam hen and two of her friends. They were from the hatching eggs I bought as well, but I don’t know what they are – maybe wellsummers? The lady gave me blue, dark chocolate, and bantam eggs. I did not see the parents. I think they are some kind of crested-something. They are all getting a crest thing where the feathers on their heads stick up.
young black hen resized
Here is a black hen – I think this is Esky’s daughter, or one of the Marans.
bcm  hens resized
Here are some of my Black Copper Maran hens. I’m excited for their eggs later this year.



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