Mid August Garden

The garden is starting to really produce now.  I have already harvested one tomato! An Early Girl from my grafted plant.  That tomato is the only one that has ripened yet, but a lot of others are on their way. We are getting beans and squash and kale and chard – lots of it. I’ve started freezing beans and zucchini already. I have gotten some nice cucumbers already and have started some refrigerator pickles.  Here are some pictures of the garden lately:

garden mid august resized
Here is the garden
garden mid august 2 resized
View from the other way. On the left the dark leafy and green leafy things in the foreground are beets.
foxglove resized
A foxglove plant.
corn resized
The corn in my son’s section of the garden is coming along nicely. It’s almost my height.
artichokes 2 resized
My artichoke plants are really doing well.
artichokes resized
Some of these artichokes are getting ready to pick, I think.
zinnia resized
Here is a zinnia in the garden.
tiny watermelon resized
A tiny watermelon. This plant is actually planted several feet away, and wound its way through the tomatoes to the fence. I knew it would wander but I didn’t know it would go that far. I’m not very experienced with watermelons.
sunflower tall resized
This sunflower is towering over my head – it’s probably a good 7 feet tall or so. It does not yet look ready to bloom. This is a giant sunflower, so it will get one very large flower head. And then it will droop way down.
nastrurtium resized
A nasturtium in the garden. My son insisted we plant these in his part of the garden because the flowers are edible. He likes to eat them.
processing vegs resized
Here you can see beans and squash chopped and ready for freezing. In the basket on the upper left is kohlrabi and cucumbers, and a test carrot (I pulled one up to test how they are doing). I’m trying to freeze and process things as they are harvested so I don’t feel overrun with too many vegetables.




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